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Academic appeal gives medical student opportunity to re-sit year


A medical student sought assistance from MDS after being expelled from their medical school due to failing exams and re-sits. The student revealed that they received an ADHD diagnosis during the academic year and had been in the titration period for ADHD medication during the exam and re-sit periods, in addition to facing other challenging personal circumstances. Prior to approaching MDS, the student had already lodged a level one academic appeal with the medical school, but unfortunately, it was denied, with the school asserting their inability to waive the existing policy. Consequently, MDS was tasked with providing support in lodging a level two appeal on behalf of the medical student.


MDS carefully examined the documents and appeal submitted by the student, identifying any areas in which the information or evidence could be strengthened for a more compelling case. Upon receiving additional information and evidence, MDS prepared the level two appeal and gathered the supporting documents, aiming to present the most robust and persuasive case to the appeal panel.Following the preparation process, MDS submitted  the level two appeal to the medical school.

The medical student’s appeal was upheld and they were given an opportunity to retake the year that they failed.


  • It is crucial to seek professional assistance promptly. Expert advice can be invaluable in navigating the process and improving chances of a successful outcome.
  • To build a thorough and persuasive case before a panel or tribunal, it is vital to supply all the requested supporting information and documents.
  • The outcome of a first-level appeal, which appears fixed on one decision, does not determine the potential success or failure at the next level of appeal. Each level is independent, and there might be a chance for a different outcome in subsequent stages of the appeal process.