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GMC Registration


Doctors are required to have full GMC registration with a license to practise to be able to move on to the second year of the Foundation Programme (F2) in an approved training programme in the UK. Dr X had completed the first year of the Foundation Programme (F1), and so they were required to apply for full registration before commencing F2. 

Dr X applied for full registration to the GMC, however the GMC raised concerns in relation to the end date of Dr X’s previous employment. This was because the application for full registration provided one end date, Dr X’s provisional registration application showed a different end date, and the employment reference provided showed another end date. 

Therefore, the GMC wanted clarification as to why there were 3 different end dates shown for the same period of employment.


MDS reviewed the matter and helped Dr X to draft a satisfactory response to the concerns raised by the GMC.

Dr X apologised for the confusion and clarified the situation. Dr X confirmed their final date of employment with their previous employer.  

Dr X had worked the previous day but had arranged cover for their shift on the final day of their employment which is why the employment reference provided as part of Dr X’s application had referred to the previous day as an end date for Dr X’s employment, since this had been Dr X’s last working day with their previous employer. 

Dr X further explained that the end date provided on their application for full GMC registration had been an error and apologised for any inconvenience this may have caused the GMC.

The GMC contacted Dr X’s referee again to verify their employer reference and confirm that the information provided by Dr X was correct. 

After receiving this clarification from Dr X and their previous employer, the GMC were able to process Dr X’s application and decided to grant them full GMC registration.


  • Doctors are advised to consult their defence organisation before making any application to the GMC.
  • Doctors should always make sure they provide accurate information in their applications and should double check their application before submission.