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General Dental Practitioners

Membership Benefits

Clinical Defence

For professional defence against patient complaints and GMC/regulatory matters.

More details about Clinical Defence

Professional Disciplinary Defence
This includes advice and representation in proceedings before a regulatory body (GMC/GDC)

Professional Defence against Patient Complaints

Advice in Professional issues
Ethical Issues
Medico Legal Practice

Advice and Representation in Performers List issues

Worldwide Good Samaritan cover

Employment Support

For advice and representation in issues related to employment.

More details about Employment Support

Advice regarding Terms & Conditions of service
Employment contract
Professional issues

Advice and representation in grievance procedures
Involving a dispute about terms and conditions of employment including remuneration.
Involving a complaint of bullying, harassment or discrimination.

Advice and representation in the employer disciplinary process, including performance and capability processes
Including the equivalent process of providers of contract for the provision of services (such as CCGs, private hospitals, NHS Hospital Trusts etc). This includes defence in a disciplinary process resulting from complaints from patients, employees or colleagues.

Representation in member’s legal action arising out of employment
Including where a member is contracted to provide professional service.

Indemnity for Category 2 Work

The MDS Comprehensive plan provides you with an insurance backed cover for Category 2 work.

More details about Indemnity for Category 2 Work

Category 2 work is non-contracted work done in the normal course of your employment, which gets remunerated in addition to your NHS work and is not covered by NHS Indemnity.

Examples of Cat 2 income for Hospital Doctors includes police statements, coroner reports, cremation forms, reports requested by courts, and Section 12 (Mental Health Act) and DoLS assessments for Psychiatrists.

Suitable for Doctors and Surgeons working in Oral and maxillofacial/orthodontics departments within NHS Trusts.

The MDS Comprehensive plan provides you with an insurance backed cover for all category 2 work for income up to £1000 per annum. If your annual income from this work exceeds this amount, contact us to upgrade your cover.

Membership Plans

MDS Comprehensive Plan for Dentists

Recommended Plan. For clinical defence, employment support and indemnity for category 2 work.

£895 per annum*

Clinical Defence only for Dentists

Includes indemnity for category 2 work. It does not include employment support.

£645 per annum*

Employment Services only for Dentists

This does not include clinical defence or indemnity for category 2 work.

£345 per annum*

*The subscription price is indicative and may be subject to change based on an assessment of your application.