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To be paid or not to be paid, that is the question?


MDS Member Dr X, was working at the same Trust as a Speciality Doctor for 8 years and approached MDS for advice after realising that his basic pay had remained the same since 2010.

MDS reviewed Dr X’s payslips, initial contract and correspondence between the Dr and the Trust. It was evident that the Dr was later offered a substantive post but remained on the same pay throughout the duration of his employment with the Trust.


MDS calculated the correct pay scale Dr X should have been on since the commencement of his employment along with any incremental credit owed and it was evident that the Dr had been significantly underpaid. MDS wrote to the Trust highlighting the amount owed. The Trust initially failed to provide an adequate response so MDS consulted ACAS Early Conciliation within the relevant limitation period. MDS drafted a letter before claim and within a couple of weeks, the Trust responded and made Dr X an offer to settle the matter for an amount exceeding £90,000 plus an agreement to cover any pension loss which Dr X happily accepted. Dr X was also put on the correct pay scale to ensure that this did not affect him moving forwards.


  • It is important to ensure that you are being paid correctly and that any issues related to your pay are challenged at the earliest opportunity.
  • If you are concerned that your employer may not be paying you correctly, then please do not hesitate to contact MDS for advice.